Salon Pro Heated Straightening Brush

Salon Pro Heated Straightening Brush

From the office to date night, or from the gym to Saturday brunch with the besties - effortlessly straighten and smooth your hair, when you're on the move.

Thanks to the Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Hair Straightening Brush, cut your styling time in half and double your confidence in minutes with a built-in ceramic heater that ensures fast and even heat-up for those days when you're non-stop between places to be and people to see.

So put the power back in your hands with 5 digital temperature settings and ceramic-ionic infused fins that helps fight frizz and assists with enhancing your shine. The lithium battery means a compact portable design, so you can always love your hair anytime, anywhere.

Lady Jayne Heated Straightening Brush

Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush Features


Ionic-infused fins release active negative ions when heated, counteracting the positive ions found on the hair shaft that causes a frizzy static appearance.

Every pass of the fins through the hair, assists with boosting shine and smoothing the hair's cuticle.

Ionic Technology
5x Temperature Control


Thicker hair

160°C, 180°C
Normal, wavy hair

120°C, 140°C
Delicate, fine, bleached hair


The combination of a built-in ceramic heater for fast heat-up and ceramic-infused fins for even heat distribution, stops hot spots from damaging the hair shaft during styling and captures the hair's moisture to help leave your hair soft and hydrated.

Ceramic Technology
USB C Rechargeable


Charge via any USB port with supplied charging cable from your computer, power bank, or a USB port in your car.

Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush Before & After

Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush Before & After


Lift Your Hair Game

No Strings Attached
Straighten & Smooth
Anytime, Anywhere

Lift Your Hair Game

Fly & Shine

Lift Your Hair Game

Keep Calm,
& Smooth On

Love everything about this!

"Wow! This is something you don't know you need until you've tried it just once! The super handy, super convenient Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush has come to the rescue many times now and I'm so grateful for my new hair bestie... The bristles glide smoothly through my hair and I was able to straighten my hair on the way to places, taming the frizziness caused by all the rain, and making my hairstyle look fresh and even shiny again!
I just let it recharge for a few hours when I get home (usb charging - easy!)"

- beautyheaven member RM123

Changing the straightener game!

“I’m seriously impressed with this Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Heated Straightening Brush! I always want to style my hair more often, but I generally end up find it too much work for too little payoff as my hair doesn’t hold styles very well… For me this brush works almost better than standard straighteners as rather than having to section horizontally though the layers of hair and then sandwich the hair between the plates, I can separate my hair vertically and basically just brush as normal; this means that I don’t lose any volume as I straighten it while still taming the flyaways and frizz… I had no issues charging this brush and for me it charged extremely fast."

- beautyheaven member Icecreamsundae

Convenient Straightener

"The Lady Jayne straightening brush came out in a neat box, with detailed instructions, the detachable power cord as well as a cute little black pouch made of velvet material. The brush is small, portable, convenient and yet has quite a heavy weight to it, which feels like a quality equipment. The brush needs to be fully charged for 3 hours the first time before being good to go, and additional charged by topping up when needed. I used it on my long, fine, frizzy hairs and it worked wonders. The heating is not too harsh and does not cause damage to my hairs given only only brush movement was needed for my hairs. I brought this with me in meetings and loved how small, convenient and powerful this was."

- beautyheaven member Anishah Mullu